Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Service Actions of Szarka's Artisan Couture Jewelry





Our goal is to add beauty, value, well-being and a sense of fulfillment through our products.


These endeavors are a means to fulfill our core needs of creating, being of service and providing for our families via a successful ethical business.


We are committed to providing and delivering quality, aesthetically pleasing and healing products by:

  • Maintaining an honest, respectful, expedient communication venue with our clientele.
  • Incorporating integrity and empathy in all of our exchanges.
  • Provide accurate and honest product descriptions.
  • Quickly ship and deliver high high-quality, hand-crafted pieces, and specimens.
  • Treat our clientele with mutual respect and kindness.
  • Respond quickly.
  • Safe-guard personal clientele information with utmost confidentiality.
  • Correct mistakes and problem solve to a mutually agreeable resolution.


We merge our diverse multicultural background and traditions; our vested drive, integrity and honesty honed in to promote a whole product that imparts health, well being and beautiful wearable art.