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Magpie Gemstones - Great Beads for Great People - Serving the trade since 1999 (scroll to the bottom for photos)
Please share with your local bead store, online dealers, and rockhound friends. We would love to help someone take their dream of being a gem dealer to a whole new level!

Have you ever imagined being your own boss and working with gems and jewelry all day? How would you like your business to insist travelling to Tucson and other gem shows?
Here is your opportunity to get in on a well respected, established and successful gemstone business for a fraction of the price.
The possibility for growth is not only highly likely but has been proven in the past.
All the hard work has been done for you! I have spent thousands of hours in webinars,  on social media, and website construction. All of that ground work is done!
We have high google ranking, high social media rankings, and some of the most amazingly talented and loyal clients you will ever want to meet.

Type: Online wholesale and retail gemstone bead supplier.


Services Offered: Procuring and selling high quality, unique gemstone beads, cabochons, and loose cuts for artisan jewelry makers at wholesale prices with full disclosure and support.

Longevity: Online since 2005 but the business was previously at shows since 1999.


Location: Online, USA.


Owner Financing: Possibly, depends on the buyer and terms


Competitive Edge: We have relationships with cutters, miners, and mineral dealers from all over the world and we will share those connections. These relationships took decades to secure and negotiate some of the lowest prices in the industry.




Testimonial: I want to contribute my sincere gratitude for your gorgeous picturesque beads, your salubrious manner and the entertaining website you provide. It is so fun to spend time looking over the current offerings and not only that, but be able to look at the photos accumulated of past inventory and your jewelry. I love seeing the layout of the orders, artfully displayed and thoughtfully photographed. (On the Facebook Group.) 

What could be more beautiful and satisfying than being drenched with color daily. I am image-ing that Szarka and Gibby must have immensely radiant auras from constant touching and gazing at the most sumptuous beads to be found.

It is a privilege to collect your beads for my creations. And even more, your own creations are always so inspiring to me that I want to emulate them, but alas have to do it with different Szarka beads as you have the incredible selection from many decades and I am working on it just more recently.

I am awaiting my latest order and that is always a delightful experience. Things are carefully wrapped, always arriving perfect, every time. Some are closed up in an extra bubble wrap mailer and/or a nice jewelry box with tape that peels off and leaves all the box intact so it is reusable. This is well thought out creating little waste and a nice touch. I am sure that at least 95% of my gemstone beads come from here. Thank you Szarka & Gibby! ~~Zen Rose~~



Social Media: We have a comprehensive and highly effective social media presence. Check it out by googling Magpie Gemstones or going to our website and following all the links. All of these will be yours with the business with the exception of the Youtube channel which will still carry the tutorials linked on Magpie. Some of the social networking sites included below:



Newsletter Subscribers: 20,000 active newsletter subscribers who have previously made purchases from Magpie. 


Annual Sales: 225,000


Gross: 130,000


Price: 520,000   295,000 price reduced to reflect the need for a quick sale.

We have done the hard work of building a thriving and exciting wholesale/retail gemstone business and it is ready for someone to take over and sell gems as it is or grow to the size you desire. 

The years of social networking, google ranking, business connections are already taken care of for you to step in and do the fun part. 


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