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Give us a call at 509-826-5569
Send us an email at
Send us a postcard at Szarka's PO Box 4000 Omak, WA, 98841


If you need to contact us, or just hide in the bushes to check us out there are a lot of ways to do so. You can find us in many places around the web as well


Blog - we keep all of our past work here as a portfolio

Magpie Gemstones - our wholesale gem store, Magpie Gemstones

Szarka's Artisan Couture Facebook Group - our group on Facebook where we keep everyone updated on new lines and sales. We are very responsive to posts.

Szarka's Artisan Couture Facebook Page - our business page

Magpie Gemstones News Group on Facebook - Sales and news for our gem store

Magpie Gemstones Facebook Page - our gem store's business page on Facebook

Pinterest - well, you know what everyone does on pinterest. This is where we waste time!

Twitter - mostly advertising our Magpie Gemstone and Szarka sales

Instagram - we post a bit of this and that

Linked In - we don't really hang out here but we have one!