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Cleansing Crystals


Crystals are used to protect and heal. In the process, they collect negative and/or unwanted energies from you and that around you. Just like our bodies, they need a wash every now and then. There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals.


Some gemstones you must cleanse carefully or you could damage them. Some you cannot get wet. Some you should not leave in the sun, as they will fade. Some you should not heat. And, some do not go well with salt. If you are unsure, do a little research into the kind of crystal you have and the best way to cleanse it.


In just about all methods you need a container. When choosing your container, opt for something with natural properties like glass, large shells, porcelain, etc. Stay away from plastic.




When choosing your method listen to your intuition. I prefer smudging. I use White Sage most often. This way is simple, convenient and smells wonderful. It is hands down, my favorite smell. It brings me comfort while also cleansing my home and self of negative energies.


To cleanse with SMUDGE, you can use your choice of herb. There is sage, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, tobacco, incense, and others. Use what brings you the most comfort and peace of mind.


Traditionally, you use something to represent the elements while you smudge. An abalone shell is used to hold the smudge, this will represent the water. The herb burned will represent the earth. The flame will represent fire. The feather used to fan the smoke will represent air. Open a window in order to usher out unwanted energies. (It is a good idea to smudge yourself before you smudge your area or an item.)


Light your smudge and blow on it or fan it. Once it has a good deal of smoke rolling, use your feather to fan the smudge. Begin with yourself and then your gemstones. While doing so, pray. I always give thanks for the things that I have been blessed with, followed by my prayers for the release of negativity surrounding me. I then ask for protection and shielding of negativity and unwanted energy.

(Please be careful with these methods as they all burn easily which means embers can drop off and start a fire, and if they aren't completely extinguished they can start burning again when you walk away. I set it in a sink once I think it is out just to be sure.)


This is my way and you may have been taught differently. Do what makes you feel better. With good in your heart, I do not feel there is a wrong way to pray. Do this as often as you need to. Along with cleansing your spirit and crystals, recent studies have shown that smudging, does, in fact, kill airborne bacteria.


Another common way to cleanse is with SALT. There are different ways you can use the salt and there are different types of salt you can use. Since the salt has brought out the unwanted energies it should not be reused. Again, check to see if the crystal you have is compatible with salt.


After cleansing use water to rinse off and then dry. Different ways to use salt include:

  • Resting your crystal in salt- Time varies but at least 8 hours to overnight is a good place to start.
  • Salt rub- Make sure to keep a positive mind if you do this.
  • Glass bowl on top of salt- (for crystals that should not be exposed to salt directly) Again, 8 hours to overnight is a good place to start.


WATER is the ultimate cleanser. When I am having a bad day I just sit in the shower and let the water help wash away what is bothering me. While a shower does not make my problems go away I do feel better and recharged after a long, hot shower. I believe water is life and has power.


Different ways to use water include:

  • Flowing water- a waterfall, river, etc, is a wonderful way to cleanse. I don’t recommend running tap water as there are impurities in it.
  • Salt water soak- You should use purified water or mineral water.
  • Sea water is wonderful if you have access to it. You can let it soak anywhere from 1-7 days.


There are other ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • Sunlight- Allow to sit in the sun for a day and up to a week. Remember some crystals will fade.
  • Moonlight bathing. The day before, during and the day after a full moon are the ideal days to do this.
  • Crystal Cluster- Place on a large cluster for 12-24 hours.
  • Flowers- place in flowers for 24 hours.
  • Brown Rice- cover in rice for 24 hours. Throw rice away.
  • Visualization- This is more advanced and takes some practice.


There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Do what you feel works best. Always believe in your intuition to guide you.


With love,


Garnet Summers



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