Szarka's is now closed.

It has been a great ride and I am deeply grateful for the thousands of people who supported me over the last 30 years. So much generosity in the jewelry making community from teaching, to support, and all the fantastic clients. 

I have decided to semi-retire in the jewelry making trade. What that means is I will only be making jewelry for the art of it, for family, and possibly selling at a few shows now and then. I will continue to be active in all the forums I frequent. I would love to see you all there. 

The place I spend most of my time is in the Magpie Gemstones Newsgroup, Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers, as well as my own group, Szarka's Newsgroup. Come hang out with us. 

I am not sure if I will let this website float away or if I will use it to present my work. More will be revealed to me as I go through this process.

I will be focusing most of my "work" energy towards Magpie Gemstones, my other happy passion.

Warmest Regards and Love;