Szarka's Artisan Couture Jewlery

Hand crafted artisan gemstone jewelry for those who know they are unique and deserve the best.

"There is jewelry, and then there is art. There are flashy bits and then there is substance. My jewelry is substance, it is wearable, it endures. How it feels, how it flows, and what it is made from all work together synergistically to make pieces that will be beautiful, forever. I know the stones, I know when they are real, I know how they work and where they can be worn, I know how they like to be held in the wire, I understand them. This is art, this is life, this is essence. People who can see it will and people who can not, will never be able to. You know if you are one of them. You can see beyond shine and color to depths and lifetimes and inherent beauty. That is because you are beauty. I see you and I see your beauty." ~Szarka~

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