chains & cord

Here you will find the chain and cords we create to go with our metaphysical pendants. Some people prefer metal that continues the energetic circle, some like a natural material, and some prefer vegan cording. You will find exactly what you need to complete your piece here.


We also have 4-inch extension chains in copper and sterling if you require your piece to be a bit longer or you would prefer to have some flexibility in the neckline if your jewelry. We hand wrap faceted black spinel to the back of every necklace for protection and for self-esteem and confidence. The spinel will "have your back". 


These cords and chain are made with a focus on metaphysical properties. To find out more about gemstones and their properties check out our stone properties page. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.  They are all cleansed and charged to help the gems get to you ready to be uniquely yours.


You can find unfinished silk cord on our jewelry supply page.

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