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Szarka's is a collective of three jewelry designers, artists, and healers: Szarka, Cesilia, and Garnet. See about us below.



Szarka's is a collective of three artists in  Omak Washington. Our focus is on metaphysical jewelry made with high-quality gemstones from Magpie Gemstones at wholesale prices. We will also be bringing you other works of art that we create, crystal specimens, found treasures and more. We are in the incubation stages of creating this new vision for Szarka's so keep coming back to see what is new.



"If you sense something mysterious, powerful, or enchanting in Szarka’s jewelry, if you feel something from her designs, you are not the first person to experience this.


Szarka's work reflects her walk in life. She is well versed in herbal medicine and is in touch with the Earth's powerful gifts. She spent her summers and falls in the Canadian Rockies and was fascinated with rocks and nature. Her childhood was full of time spent soaking in the beauty of the Earth. Her grandmother from Hungary who was an avid gardener and animal rescuer and whom she was very close too, taught her to study nature and to read what it tries to tell us.


She started out going to College in Calgary, Alberta in the field of Geology. She changed that to Child and Family Counseling after finding a degree in geology would only land her a job in the oil fields of Canada. Another degree from U of Vic, a Masters in Hypnotherapy, a private practice, and finally a degree in First Nations Studies. All lead her to go deeper into herself and the experiences of humanity and the world.


Szarka began making her own beads in the mid-eighties out of clay, femo, paper; whatever she could make a bead from. A Mayan gentleman on Vancouver Island showed her a few simple wire wrap techniques with stove wire. Soon after, Szarka began showing up at the local Saturday market with a table full of crystals and wrapping crystals her customers picked out. A year or so later, she had pieces of her work in galleries and shops. As the saying goes, the rest is history, or in this case, herstory.


Szarka's work definitely mirrors her beauty, creativity, feminine power, as well as her love and respect for the treasures the earth has to offer. Her work speaks to the spirit within all of us, be that in a whisper or the loud chatter of the Magpie."


"Szarka is an accomplished wire jewelry artist with years dedicated to the jewelry trade. She creates jewelry that is heirloom quality, original, and speak to your soul."

Exclusive high-quality gems with superb craftsmanship in individual designs with a lifetime guarantee! The prices are fantastic because you are buying directly from the artist.


This jewelry is for those who want to stand apart, understand high quality, and appreciate art and craftsmanship. 


~Written by Kyote, Szarka's best friend, husband, and confidant~


I have been twisting wire and fondling gems for almost two decades. I was born in Calgary and grew up in Southern Alberta. I spent summers high in the Rocky Mountains with my family and fell in love. It is one of the most inspiring, intense, and beautiful places in the world.

I went into geology in College but ended up taking Social Work. After years as a Child and Family Counsellor and as a private practice as a hypnotherapist, my love for rocks won out and now I am back at it as a gems dealer and wire wrapper.

My name is Szarka but I am also known as Dianne Carter and Dianne Molnar, my maiden name. Who am I, good question. Is who I am what I've done, where I have been, what I wear, what I think, how I act? I never know what to say.`I can give you a run down of my past and then you can make your own judgments on who I am and maybe then you can share it with me so I know too?`


I was born in Alberta, went to school ........ a lot. Wanted to save the world and tried hard for 13 years. I soon realized I needed to save myself or there would be nothing left for the world. I burnt out mediating between families, teens, Social Services, the Court System, Mental Health and society at large and gave away everything to move into a flaming pink school bus all tricked out with solar panels and a hand built interior with a wonderful man I met on the Internet.


We traveled the Western States while I crocheted cotton halter tops for middle aged drunk women at music festivals. I made jewelry, custom made hats, clothing, and worked the gem trade. We traveled barter fairs, flea markets, art shows, festivals, powwow's, pig roasts. We did every venue I can think of. I worked with galleries and coffee shops, high-end restaurants, and little old men in motor homes who then resold my pieces to galleries. It was a lot of work but it was a blast.


I traded wire wrap for truck batteries, essential oils for amber, beads for brain-tanned deer hides. I met so many humans and all preconceived notions of any kind were turned upside down. I stayed in Palm Springs to spots on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. I stayed in Vegas to Niland California at the slabs. Now I sell on the Internet as Magpie Gemstones.


Once the nomadic life was over what to do was open and along came eBay. Friends I had in the trade wanted me to buy for them so I started supplying bead stores. I had many contacts in the gem trade and they wanted me to sell for them, or get involved in this partnership or that. I decided against it all and wanted to sell beads, make some jewelry, and homeschool my daughter. I am grateful this is what I am able to do. I know that working for myself is more like a 16 hour day than a regular 9 to 5 but being able to be home, makes it all worthwhile.


A lot of people ask me how I learned to make jewelry. I had a crystal and some wire and just kept twisting for years until now. I am not a master yet, I do not believe, and it has been well over 2 decades.  I do have a lot of great, free, tutorials for you, though!)


Wire is the ultimate way to discover humility. If I approach it with a feeling of smugness or surety it teaches me quickly that it is in charge. If I cajole, beg and hope it will do what I want it to most times now it will listen. Not always, though. It is kind of like life.


Well now that I have bored you to tears, thanks for reading this far and I hope your life is simple, sweet, and filled with the small things that give your heart joy.




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To contact Szarka please email ssszarka@gmail.com



I was born in East Chicago, Indiana and grew up in the primitive unpolluted rural landscape in the high mountains of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


My appreciation for simple natural organic beauty was earned the old way, before indoor plumbing or electric power, by the way of horse-drawn carriages and a hands-on approach of the paleo-diet.  After migrating throughout the state's, I settled in Washington in the late 80's.


Though my truest passion is art, my incessant need to learn led me to Eastern Washington University earning my bachelor's in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and French. After a good turn chasing the mighty dollar, I recently retired from "work". I now chase my childhood passion of creating. It's quite possibly the one thing that can truly consume me.


As a young girl, my dad called me the fox. I enjoy the cat-like crafty beast and try my best to embody my endeavors with the pretty little creature in mind. I am the Blue Fox of BlueFoxyVixen. (P.S. my favorite color happens to be blue-surprise, surprise!)


I am honored and grateful for the tutelage of Szarka, my true friend, and appointed sister. I want to share my labors with you. I want to extend my energy into the universe; my deepest desire is that you find yourself to be enough.


Maya Angelou said it best “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I hope you feel beautiful.

Contact me via email at cs_brooks@yahoo.com





I was born in Seattle, then moved home to the Colville Indian Reservation when I was 8. We lived along the Columbia River on an orchard and without a T.V. or phone. I filled my days adventuring outside along the rocks and river. I have always loved nature.


In that time my mother taught me to crochet, sew, and make jewelry. She taught me how to find inspiration in nature and everything around me, such as colors and shape designs. I give my mother a lot of credit for my love of creating.


I didn't have much interest in school work and spent lots of time reading what I wanted and writing poetry. I've always been a free spirit who is much more into spontaneity than planning. This did not go well for my school career.


I dropped out as a freshman and it led to a wild and very chaotic youth. I spent many years as an alcoholic with no real direction in life. I was in and out of incarceration for many years. While this is negative in many aspects, I find that I can relate to many people in my desire to help and I withhold judgment. I find my passion is in helping others.


It has a bit of a selfish side to it because it makes me happy to make others happy and that helps battle my depression. I have now been on the Red Road (sobriety, walking as the Creator intended, on the right path) for 6 years.


I started a cake business that was pretty successful for a small town. I made fondant cakes that were beautiful and very time-consuming. Lots of them were to look like characters or images so they were sculptures. I enjoyed it but knew there was more out there for me... not to mention I ate a lot of the scraps and my jeans grew with the business. So I moved on from that but I still make a cake here and there.


I have always looked at things and taken them apart in my head, knowing that I can make and improve on it. I taught myself to bead and found a peace in it I cannot truly explain. In the chaos that is life and my brain, I love the simplicity and repetitiveness of beading. I am also a perfectionist that will tear it all apart if I see something I do not like. That is a curse and a blessing. I make quality work but sometimes spend many, many hours on one piece. 


I am a member of the Colville Tribe and I am also Haida so art flows in my veins. I have attended many ceremonies with my mother over the years and have also begun to learn my Salish language. I have learned a lot along the way but know I will always be learning so I keep an open heart and open mind.

I have been blessed to have crossed paths with these amazing women. I learn new things every day: art, technique and life lessons. We share many laughs which 
makes the day fly by. And I am extremely grateful to be asked along this journey.

Compassion and empathy have always been strong in me. I love to help. I love to make others feel better. I put effort and pride into my work because I want to improve the way you feel. I want people to notice you and see your soul and your beauty in your jewelry choices. I hope you see something that speaks to your soul. That is my wish when I create.

You can find me on Facebook at Lucky Stars and Lady Bugs.


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