Welcome to Szarka's

We are a group of artisans, a collective from the mountains in Northern Washington.



Our focus is on metaphysical jewelry made with high-quality gemstones from Magpie Gemstones.


We also bring you other works of art, found treasures, crystal specimens (coming soon), and more. There is always something new happening so keep coming back to check on us.


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Our desire is to add beauty, value, well-being and a sense of fulfillment through our products while we fill our needs of creating, being of service and providing for our families and our community.




TREASURES we have found in our travels


We are committed to providing and delivering quality, aesthetically pleasing and healing products.


We know our gemstones, we have been working in the gem trade for decades and we have wonderful suppliers we work closely with from miners, cutters, and dealers.


We believe in the power of gemstones, relationship, and mindfulness to improve our lives and those lives around us. Our beliefs, feelings, and actions ripple out into the universe forever. Knowing that, let's make it a beautiful and meaningful journey and manifest our hearts desires together. 


Come meet the artists who create for Szarka's




Our prices are excellent because we cut out middlemen. Our quality is superb because we have decades of experience in jewelry design. Our product is top quality because of our expertise in the gem trade. Our desire to be of service and make the world a more caring and beautiful place is genuine. 

We strive to provide community support by encouraging artists, supporting those in need, and making a safe place for our youth. When you support us know that your support ripples out in many ways.


If you would like to know more please read about us, check out our articles, come hang out with us in our Facebook group and join our community of people that care.