Szarka uses gemstones she procures as an international gemstone dealer for Magpie Gemstones.

"There is jewelry, and then there is art. There are flashy bits and then there is substance. My jewelry is substance, it is wearable, it endures. How it feels, how it flows, and what it is made from all work together synergistically to make pieces that will be beautiful, forever. I know the stones, I know when they are real, I know how they work and where they can be worn, I know how they like to be held in the wire, I understand them. This is art, this is life, this is essence. People who can see it will and people who can not, will never be able to. You know if you are one of them. You can see beyond shine and color to depths and lifetimes and inherent beauty. That is because you are beauty. I see you and I see your beauty."         ~Szarka~

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Labradorite Kaos Fish

High quality, fiery, labradorite nestled in hand forged sterling with chrome diopside, peridot, and sapphires. Then pendant is 2 inches long on a sterling chain that measures 16 inches.

Labradorite slows the aging process and detoxify the body, may also help alleviate confusion and indecision. Some say it will elevate consciousness and protect a person's aura.

Chrome diopside aids learning and understanding, it helps you to retain new information. 

Sapphire, is considered a stone of creative expression, intuition, and meditation, may also help soothe depression and bring mental clarity. This gemstone is said to promote pure emotions such as serenity, joy and peace.


Peridot slows mental and physical aging. It also helps one speak with eloquence. It is suggested that the stone increases confidence and assertiveness.

Tourmaline Larimar Necklace

High-quality tourmaline, garnets and rhyolite garnets with lots of sterling make the sterling set larimar focal pop! This necklace measures 17 inch total. It comes with the earrings.

Kingman Multi-strand Necklace

Three strands of Kingman turquoise nuggets and Hubei turquoise heishi encircle the neck with a sterling silver closure The smallest strand is 19 inches and the longest is 25. It can have an extention chain added. 

Turquoise and Copper Swirl Necklace

My second bezel set . . .  ever. This piece has a few mistakes with solder etc but the overall effect is lovely. Mixed with silk and copper chain it measures almost 20 inches and the solid copper pendant is 2 inches long. Maybe, someday, I will be rich and famous and you can say you own the first soldered piece I ever sold.

Aurora Purple Dangle Cultured Pearl Earrings

Large, AAA grade, high luster, high quality, fresh water, cultured, pearl, earrings. They have post ear wires and a solid sterling dangle chain. In total they measure 1 1/2 inches.

Classic Champagne Pearl Necklace

Genuine, AAA grade, high quality champagne pearls, fresh water cultured, surround the neck with sterling adjustable clasp which allows this necklace to vary in length from 16 to 20 inches. Take a peek on the earring section for the matching earrings.

Campitos Turquoise Nugget Full Necklace

Gorgeous Campitos turquoise nuggets (S) fully encircle the neck with this piece, finished off with a sterling chain that allows it to be adjusted from 15 to 20 inches to fit any neckline.

White Water Turquoise Nuggets with Brown Suede

White Water Turquoise Nuggets with Brown Suede

Beautiful quality White Water Turquoise nuggets from the Campitos mine rest below your collar bone in this 24 inch necklace strung on faux ultra suede (fake leather). The sterling closure is in the front. Size can be adjusted for a small fee.

Moonstone and Tanzanite Necklace and Earrings.

Moonstone and Tanzanite Necklace and Earrings.

AAA grade moonstone with tanzanite rondelles circle the neck with sterling silver accents and clasp which makes this piece adjustable from 18 to 20 inches. The small blue topaz dangling from the end of the sterling extension chain is a nice touch. All of the moonstone and silver work on this piece were done many years ago and the stones are fiery and difficult to find in this quality now.

Firey labradorite with contrasting ruby and garnet are wire wrapped in Szarka's signature "Kaos Wrap" in solid copper. The necklace is ultra faux suede and measures 24 inches but can be altered to fit your specific need. The pendant itself measures 3 1/2 inches.

Kaos and Turquoise Necklace

Many feet of solid copper and many hours of work to create this "Kaos Wrap" bead. This is my signature style. It is married to big American turquoise rondelles and finished off with leather to make a 20 inch necklace that is adjustable. There are earrings to match that will be included. 

Whiskey Larimar Necklace

A gorgeous, large, chunk of larimar is contrasted with AAA grade whiskey quartz and citrine. It is finished off with silver and silk and measures 20 inches. The earrings are included.

Larimar Green Amber Necklace, Earrings

This large, natural, larimar focal's blue is set off against the rich green of the amber and large faceted peridot. Wrapped with sterling and finished with chocolate silk. Due to the small inclusion this piece has been dropped in price. It measures 19 inches and includes larimar earrings that are 1 1/4 inches long, all sterling as well. 

Long Turquoise Lariat Necklace or Bracelet

Many mines, shapes, and sizes of turquoise blended with solid sterling beads and wired with solid sterling into a 5 foot long necklace or bracelet or even a belt depending on how you decide to play with it. It can circle the neck once, twice, up to 4 times and circles the wrist up to 6 times. It has a wired clasp that disappears and can be linked into any loop for extreme adjustability. This piece should be twice what it is selling for when considering how much sterling and the present cost of quality turquoise. Kingman, Campitos, Maan Shan and Hubei mines as well as few unknown turquoise stones. They have all been stabilized so they will not break in use and will hold their deep colors.

Garnet Nugget Bracelet

This chunky, four strand garnet nugget bracelet is rich! It fits a small 6 1/2 inch wrist and can not be altered. The metal components are all copper.

Bead Soup Bingo Ring

Gem filed and lots of sterling in this fun ring. Chaotic and industrial and filled with labradorite, garnet, blue topaz, carnelian, amethyst, pearls and ruby. It fits a 7 1/2 finger. 

Classic Champagne Pearl Earrings

Genuine, AAA grade, fresh water, champagne, pearl earrings with sterling chain and sterling. hand forged. ear wires. These earrings match the pearl necklace of the same name. They measure 2 inches from the top of the ear wire.

Kingman Turquoise Nugget Necklace

Large, luscious Kingman turquoise oval nuggets fully encircle the neck. The necklace measures from 17 to 20 inches with the sterling extension chain so you can arrange it to match your clothing neckline.

Campitos Necklace by Szarka

Campitos Large Nugget Necklace

Large, beautiful quality Campitos turquoise nuggets finished with faux suede and sterling. measures 20 inches. The Campitos is stabilized to prevent color change and is full of sparkly pyrite inclusions.

Amber, Turquoise and Copper Drop Earrings

Baltic Amber, Maan Shan Turquoise (stabilized) and solid copper go well with the bracelet that is available. They are only 2 inches long from the top of the surgical steel ear wire and light in weight due to the beautiful caramel, rustic amber. they measure an inch wide.

Mexican Fire Agate and Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace

Mexican fire agate set in sterling in a pleasing Southwest setting reminds me of a mother and child. The fire is gold, orange and red and has a soft velvet look. Cherry Baltic amber beads match perfectly and encircle the neck. The free earrings with the necklace match the accent sterling cross beads. The necklace measures 20 inches and closes with a sterling toggle clasp. The pendant is almost 2 inches long.

Ruby Zoisite Horses

A high fired porcelain focal with galloping horses and ruby zoisite nuggets with solid copper accents are strung with faux suede and a high fired porcelain button closure with a red jasper accent bead. The piece measures 23 inches but can be shortened by adding knots. The focal art piece is 2 inches wide.

Blue Hidden Beauty Kaos Necklace

An electric blue labradorite cabochon is skillfully nestled in this sterling signature Kaos wire wrap. The labradorite only flashes from one side and is completely across the stone, without the flash it looks dark. Gems of sapphire, garnet, moonstone, tourmaline, peridot and labradorite finish off the focal and the chain. This piece was a labor of love and took at least 8 hours to complete. It is not as big as it appears in the photo. The pendant is 1 1/2 inches long and just over 1 inch wide. The necklace can be adjusted to any size up to 24 inches with the hand forged, sterling clasp that can be slipped anywhere on the chain. 

Dainty Kingman Nugget Necklace

Small Kingman nuggets and Sleeping Beauty slivers encircle the neck complete with an adjustable sterling lobster clasp, the necklace measures 17 to 19 inches. It can also be doubled up as a bracelet that adjusts from 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches.

Kyanite Drop Ladder Necklace

Long, beautiful kyanite drop with even more kyanite flowing up this sterling necklace is amazing quality. The pendant from the top ladder bar to the bottom of the smooth kyanite is 2 3/4 inches in length. Finished off with a sterling, hand forged clasp this piece is adjustable from 14 to 20 inches.  

Aurora Purple Dangle Cultured Coin Pearl Earrings

Large, AAA-grade, high luster, high quality, fresh water, cultured, pearl, earrings. They have post ear wires and a solid sterling dangle chains with three coin pearls per earring. In total, they measure 1 13/4 inches.

Garnet Nugget Necklace

Large, luscious, natural garnet nuggets and old stock faceted rounds dangle on a black silk necklace measuring approximately 21 inches. Solid copper beads and clasp finish this piece off. The focal garnet piece may vary slightly from piece to piece as is the nature with natural stones.

Labradorite Ladder Necklace

AAA quality labradorite with high fire wrapped in sterling with a sterling chain that measures 19 inches but can be adjusted by placing the clasp onto the chain at any length. The pendant measures just over one inch in length.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings   $16.99

Sleeping Beauty turquoise nuggets (natural) dangle from solid sterling in these 1 1/2 inch earrings. Sleeping Beauty mine is no longer in production and the price of this turquoise has risen dramatically in the last year.

Imperial Jasper Spiral Earrings

AAA quality imperial jasper waves are removable from the sterling spiral ear wire so they can be worn with or without. They measure 2 1/2 inches from top to bottom.

Andaluscite Raku Moon Necklace

Andaluscite faceted rondelles and olive shell frame an artistic raku moon face. It measures18 inches with an inch and a half pendant and has a solid copper, hand forged closure. Can be made longer with an extension or shorter on request.


"Szarka is an accomplished artist with years dedicated to the trade. She creates pieces that are heirloom quality, original, and speak to your soul." Exclusive high-quality gems with superb craftsmanship in individual designs with a lifetime guarantee! The prices are fantastic because you are buying directly from the artist. This jewelry is for those who want to stand apart, understand high quality, and appreciate art and craftsmanship.








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Handmade in America with years of training and experience and high-grade, hand selected gemstones for quality and beauty guarantee your piece will be a treasure that will last. Thank so much for looking,  I appreciate you. ~Szarka

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